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ICSA offers a variety of delicious options on the daily menu. Lunch is taken at an outdoor canteen/ preau lunch area. Students may enjoy lunch under the shaded preau or at a picnic bench amid the nearby trees.

Tatamu-Tatamu New Order System

How the new cafeteria system will work


1] Parents/students will register, through our website, using their email address and the ICSA student ID number for one child. For parents with more than one child, an option to add additional children will be available after login.

2] A password will be sent to the registered email address and users can then login to their account. There will be a prompt to change the computer generated password upon login.


Account top up

1] Parents can pay using cash, cheque or provide proof of direct bank transfer at the cafeteria office. The amount will then be loaded to their virtual account.

Meal ordering

1] Parents will be able to log in and select meals for their children up to 24 hours in advance.

2] Parents can make a change on previously selected meals up to 9am on the day of the meal.

3] Parents can cancel previously selected meals up to 9am on the day of the meal.

Meal Payment

1] Payments will be made automatically by the system at 9am from the virtual student account on the day of the meal.

2] Meal orders whose payments will not have been provided for by 9am on the day of the meal will be automatically cancelled.


1] Replacement of the unique identifier (barcode sticker) will be at a fee if the student loses the school ID card.

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Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu

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