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It is estimated that 95% of all human knowledge is currently available digitally, and of that 10% is ONLY available digitally. As such there is an ever increasing urgency for students to leave school adequately prepared for not just for the technology rich world of the present, but the potentially abundant technology world of the future.

ICSA’s technology department aims to ensure that students gain not only the necessary skills of operating technology but also the associated technology literacy skills. Technology literacy skills not only teach how to seek out, collated, analyze and synthesize information, but are also underpinned with the moral and ethical values to critically assess information in terms of bias and content accuracy.

As the school continues to grow and develop, our technology infrastructure will also be constantly being reviewed and developed, not just to integrate every new technology, but to wisely assess each new innovation for its educational merit and to provide students with the sort of technology enhanced lessons, as well as technology based lessons, that will create an interactive, stimulating and engaging environment.

Lower School IT Pre-K to 5
In the elementary school, Information Technology is based around the acquisition of essential technology manipulation skills. These skills are taught both through specific technology classes as well as integrated technology components of other subject areas. As such the technology becomes the tool to enhance learning not the focus of the instruction.

Upper School IT 6-10th Grade
Information and Technology classes in the Middle school are focused on providing students with specialized knowledge of past, current and emerging technologies, data, hardware, software and people involved in the field of information and software technology. The curriculum also includes legal, ethical, social and industrial issues. Students will develop information and software technology solutions through project work, individually and collaboratively.

The project-based nature of the courses allows students to explore a breadth of technology uses and areas including robotic systems, information systems, networking systems as well as developing specific 21 century skills in the areas of logical thinking (programming), critical thinking, project management and teamwork.

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