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At ICSA, students have various opportunities to embrace an ever changing global and local community, and to pursue their dreams through the music curriculum.

Our music program aims to help students discover a different field of learning, develop their talents, intellect and creativity, as well as, celebrate the strengths of our multicultural diversity, through musical performances.

Music education will allow students to work cooperatively or alone, use a varied repertoire of music to learn to be independent musicians, as well as performing in a group.  It will develop students’ self esteem and grant them a sense of satisfaction by discovering new skills.  Students are given the opportunity to express their musical skills through solos, chorus, talent shows, and live concerts. Students will identify styles of music from different periods of history and eras, appreciate and enjoy;  learn to respect themselves and others while creating music with beauty and unity. Student will sing and play simple repertoire from the host country and/or subgroups of the school community.

We believe that music education is essential in a balanced curriculum that enables every student to grow in self expression, self confidence, and critical thinking. We aim to empower students to compose, improvise, analyze, and evaluate their own and others’ performances.

In the Lower School, the music program introduces basic skills of ear training, pitch, tempo, harmony, dynamics, and techniques for playing recorders, mallet percussion, drums, and hand bells. Lower school students are able to perform before an audience alone or in a group through songs and instrumentals.

In the Middle School we focus more on general music specifically; theory, history, and also public performances in vocal and instrumental.

In the High School students have the choice between vocal and instrumental band. They develop and explore their creativity through active participation in music activities such as creating their own compositions and live concerts.

The curriculum in the music program at ICSA is based on the AERO Music Standards and Benchmarks.

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